March 21, 2017


School Students

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology, are troublemakers? Don't you worry, just give us a shout and we can send you our Troubleshooters, professionally trained Tutors, from Nandhi Educational Trust. At the convenience of being at home, you can have the 'best in industry' teachers, helping you get better!

College Students

Whether it is Engineering Mathematics or Commerce & Accounting or for that matter any other declipline, you don't have to now run pillar to post to get the best Tutor available for you. Nandhi Education Trust can take up the responsibility of getting you the best teachers at your door step. Just call us for getting the best Tutor!

Online Tuitions

Nandhi Trust believes in delivering conventional services in the most unconventional ways. In the world of Virtual Reality, learning virtually is made a reality by Nandhi Educational Trust. We provide the Online Tuition services which not only saves your time spent in travelling but also helps you save on cost by taking the online Tuition Services. The best of teachers are not just available for your on your Laptops/computers/mobile devices.

"Education" Button on Modern Computer Keyboard.

360 Degree Tutoring Services

We believe in bringing about tangible changes in people. From Pre-Assessment to the classes to post-assessment, we don't leave any stone un-turned to ensure, we see the changes happening in you. That's because, we believe in you and most importantly, we make you believe in yourselves

Personalized Attention

We understand that each and every person is different and that is why the world is so beautiful. The pain points, learning ability and the way the information is processed by each one of us is different. Just to ensure continued improvement, our Tutors make it a point to give One on One assistance to our students, to understand the exact pain points, so as to prescribe the right solutions.


What are you waiting for?

Just give us a shout and we can give you the right guide, who is ready to take to you the next level.