March 21, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Goshala Services

When can the go danam be performed and what is its significance?

Departed souls will be relieved from the hell and from a treacherous river “Vaitharini” by doing Gaudhanam. The devathas in the cow will take care of the soul.

When can one do go puja or Gaudhanam?

Any time. Can be done on special occasions sanctifying the events like marriage, birth, festivals such as Krishna:shtami/Janma:shtami and special personal/family occasions like birthdays, marriage days, etc. Devotees are advised to give us prior notice about go puja or Gaudhaanam they wish to perform so that we can make arrangements for the same. You can contact us at 9490376824.

Can I register for the puja online?

Sure.  You can.  The form is on online. If you want prasadam  (include name, address, cost of postage)

What items should I bring for puja or Gaudhanam?

Common puja material like turmeric powder, kumkum, beatle, incense sticks, camphors, couple of normal garlands without any plastic material in it, sandal paste, bananas, jaggery, 1 kg rice, 4 hooves and 2 horns made of silver or gold in the possible size to decorate the cow, a couple of dhoti’s.  These are available here also.  If you are not able to procure them, few things will be given by temple here on request.

I am far away. Can I still get the puja done?

Of course you can.  Send your details in full or on whose name you want the puja to be performed.  Please fill in the online form with details.  We do it on your behalf and send your prasadam.

How much should I contribute to do go puja?

Rs.1116 (Rs.516/- for Puja and Rs.600 for material cost approx)

I would like to adopt a cow and donate for its grass for one month. How much should I contribute?

Donation for Go:samrakshana: Daily: Rs.151/- Monthly: Rs.3500/-

How much should I contribute for go danam?

Rs. 35,000 only