Benefits of Cow Products

“The bull and cow are symbols of the most offenseless living beings because even the stool and urine of these animals are utilized in human society.” (SB 1.17.13, purport) Please see the list below to find out what the Ayurveda says about the benefits for human health of each cow product.


Contains every nutrient that is required for the growth of the human body; increases the physical, mental, and spiritual power of the human being; a complete food, it slows down the aging process and increases intelligence and strength; regulates and increases the duration of life
Gives strength to the body; makes food tasty, nourishing and pure; stimulates the body; removes gas; increases intelligence; cures piles and stomach ailments
Beneficial, makes one fair, shiny, and bright; cures tuberculosis, piles, and coughing; especially essential for children
Gives a shining complexion; enhances memory; increases strength; nourishes body; regulates air and mucus imbalance; removes tiredness; destroys bile; cures heart disease; increases fire in stomach
Cow urine
Stops gas disorders; cures all ailments born from mucus, bile, and gas; helps with acidity, stomach disease, and more; removes leprosy and other skin diseases
Cow dung
Purifying, antiseptic agent; stops gas disorders; pesticide and fertilizer; in India, dried dung is used like charcoal; it is also a form of energy producing methane gas.

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