March 21, 2017

About Nandhi Goshala

Protect cows.. Protect our civilizations

In the Vedic tradition, cows are worshipped as mothers. According to the scriptures, there are seven mothers: atma-mata (one’s own mother) guroh patni (the wife of one’s teacher) brahmani (the wife of a brahmana) raja-patnika (the wife of the king) dhenu (the cow) dhatri (the nurse) and prithvi (the Earth) are all considered mothers. Just as a child feeds on the breast milk of the mother, human society takes milk from the cow.

“COW” worshiped as Kamadhenu by Hindus, symbolizes prosperity and wealth. People worship Goddess Lakshmi in the form of a cow. Cow is no doubt a Mother aptly referred as “GOMATHA” – GO means COW, MATHA means MOTHER as she nurtures so many lives. A human mother nurtures only her infant whereas Gomatha , irrespective of classifications nurtures not only her calf but all the living beings in the earth. She can also be referred too has JAGAN MATHA (Mother of Universe) because such is her generosity . Is it not the duty of we humans to protect our mother? Of Course, it is our primary duty to protect and nurture them.


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MISSION AND VISION of Nandhi Goshala

  • To propagate and promote love for the cow and its virtues
  • To make cow-protection a people’s movement
  • To work for the protection and conservation of cow
  • To campaign against the cruelty to cow and its progeny


Next Steps...

As a noble cause, Nandhi Trust is inaugurating 5 Goshalas in Tamilnadu on 14th of April, 2017 and is actively looking for donors. Do you want to donate and contribute to this wonderful cause?