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Nandhi Goshala

In the Vedic tradition, cows are worshipped as mothers. Cow is no doubt a Mother aptly referred as “GOMATHA“ GO means COW, MATHA means MOTHER as she nurtures so many lives. Is it not the duty of we humans to protect our mother? Of Course, it is our primary duty to protect and nurture them.

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Educational Services

In the world of Virtual Reality, learning your subjects through the Virtual World is now a reality, with instructor lead online Tuition. Whether you are in school or pursuing engineering degree. Excel in your discipline with the help of our online tutors

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Training Services

At the stroke of 2020, India is slated to become the youngest country in the world, with the average age of the Indians to be 29 years. The heightened competition would mean the most important aspect of one’s success depends on the Soft Skills they possess, beyond the hard skills they learn,

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consulting services

Nandhi Consulting Services, targets developing young entrepreneurs. With 360 degree services, provided to the budding entreprenuers, we believe in creating a world of opportunities for the Gen Y & Gen Z population.

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Nandhi Educational Services

Conventional Services in Unconventional Style

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.

Majority of our life goes in education. For majority of the population in India, the first 20 years of education defines the remaining 30 yrs of life. They say, an investment in Knowledge pays the best interest and that is what most of the Indian Parents target doing for their Children

For some of the Students, a few subjects become a nightmare as they find it difficult to crack, learning in a common environment.

For them, roots of such education are bitter and Nandhi Educational Trust aims at making the final fruit sweeter, but getting them ready for challenges with personal attention.

Best of Tutors, best of conceptual learning and best of technology is what Nandhi aims at providing to the world of youngsters.


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